Fujiyoshida Gradients – pop-up exhibition, May 24-28, 2023

A pop-up presentation of a series of work from a 5 week stay at Saruya Artist Residency in Fujiyoshida, Japan. The series consists of watercolor and ink works on washi paper and is inspired by the multiple color gradients that can be found in the surroundings of Fujiyoshida – the lava flows and snowfields of Mount Fuji, the morning sky, the misty mountain forests etc. Presented at the exhibiton space of Fabcafé Fuji.

Deep Time at Limited Works, April 5-22, 2023

The exhibition Deep Time is a visual meditation on processes of accumulation and change. The works in the exhibition are inspired by processes of geological and cosmological becoming and draw on the imagery and visual representations of natural sciences such as geology and astronomy. The concept of ‘deep time’ denotes the vast cosmic time in which our ephemeral human time is embedded. The exhibition presents three bodies of work on paper – watercolour works, pencil drawings and burned drawings – all of which are the result of slow processes of extensive and accumulative mark-making.

List of works and prices

Mention by the São Paulo Art Biennial

“The abstract, sedimentary landscapes in Mikael Hallstrøm’s series are inspired by imaginaries of geology, accumulation and distance […] These watercolors can recall sandstorms, mountains, cliffs with their sedimented particles, and even sunlight falling over the skyline. [… The Danish artist] creates with fire, ballpoint pens, and inks, sometimes letting gravity itself act on the flow of pigments.” (read more)

Artwork for ISOLA – new album by Rumpistol

Rumpistol’s new album ISOLA is available at record shops and for online order at Raske Plader. Mikael Hallstrøm has contributed with cover art for this neo-classical master piece. Available for online listening April 1 2022. Check here for more info.

Cover artwork

New collaboration with Rumpistol on artwork for upcoming releases. The single tracks, Løvfald, Vindheks, Gniben and New Beginning are released for streaming on Raske Plader .

Artwork for REFRAKTO by Den Sorte Skole

Ink and watercolour artwork for REFRAKTO, a new audiovisual performance by the sample-based producer and composer duo, Den Sorte Skole and visual artist collective, Vertigo.